Introduction & History

Welcome to the website of the Honam Institute for Korean Studies.

was established in 2018 jointly by Gwangju City and Jeollanam-do (South Jeolla Province) for the purpose of creative succession of national culture and promotion of Honam Korean Studies.

From the old times, Honam overcame hardships in every historical crisis and bloomed the studies and the culture. However, swept under the waves of globalization in which Western cultures dominated the East, traditional norms and studies were derogated into old-fashioned customs and studies; the spirit of mutual aid and culture creation that had helped Honam withstand such hardships were also weakened.

aims to contribute to the realization of academic capability and traditional values in our region by arranging, researching, and translating recorded heritage into Korean, and by supplying historical resources and recorded heritage of Honam region. Furthermore, we wish to open the new horizon in everyday Korean Studies that partners with the people, Korean Studies for the youth to foster the cultural leaders of tomorrow, and future Korean Studies that aims toward the new era. We thank you for your support and interest.

Background of Establishment

More than 250,000 pieces of literature materials regarding Korean Studies have been found in the Honam region, as the result of the primary investigation held in in 2014. Valuable cultural assets are currently being lost; preservation and research of Korean Studies materials in the region are desperately required. Thus, the Honam Institute for Korean Studies was established to inspire cultural self-respect and pride, boost and supply Korean Studies research, foster the next generation of studies, and the academic solidarity of research institutes.

Purpose of Establishment

Through systematic investigation, collection, preservation, and research on materials for Korean Studies of the Honam region that are in danger of damage and loss, inherit the traditional culture; hereon, operate educational, training, exhibition, and supply programs based on Korean values to contribute in promoting the national culture.


2014. 10. 5.
Proceeded setting up agenda of mutual development cooperation of Gwangju and Jeonnam (Jeollanam-do)
2017. 5. 17.
Approved establishment as local government-funded institute (Ministry of Public Administration and Safety)
2017. 7. 6.
「Ordinance on establishment and support of Honam Institute of Korean Studies (Foundation)」 enacted (Jeollanam-do Ordinance No. 4299)
2017. 8. 1.
「Ordinance of establishment and support of Honam Institute of Korean Studies (Foundation)」 enacted (Gwangju City Ordinance No. 4950)
2017. 9. 22
Establishment of Honam Institute of Korean Studies
2017. 11. 28.
Voted on the regulation for the board of directors, elected first director Lee Jongbeom
2018. 4. 6.
Opening ceremony of Honam Institute of Korean Studies (Foundation)
2021. 1. 14.
Inauguration of second director Cheon Deukyeom