Business Collection and Preservation of National Studies Materials

Collection and Preservation of National Studies Materials

 The collection and preservation of National Studies materials by Honam Institute of Korean Studies targets the Gwangju and Jeonnam region; it is largely divided into investigation and collection, along with organization and preservation. First, in the material investigation and collection stages, we consult a professional researcher, investigate related documents, and identify the material and its location. Afterwards, we visit the location and interview the collector to investigate their collection history and historical background. After checking the current status of the storage, a simple list and a promissory note will be written when the material is collected.

 At the organization and preservation stages, related field experts organize the materials by their classification and write a list with information such as the time period and content. After organizing, a number tag is attached and an image is shot for comparison with the actual material. Materials that have completed the image shooting and organization is stored with devices that regulate a steady temperature and humidity level. To form a safe preservation environment, insect-proof/disease-control sterilization and fumigation is performed annually. The conditions of the materials are inspected regularly; preservation treatments are performed on materials with severe damage.

 The National Studies materials of Honam Institute of Korean Studies can be browsed through or used by anyone by sending an application in advance. Also, to assure the safe inheritance of the National Studies materials by future generations, we are operating donation system. As a symbol of our appreciation and respect to our donors, we present our donors with an appreciation plaque and certificate of storage, and invite them to the events held by the Honam Institute of Korean Studies. Furthermore, we publish a sourcebook every year, and hold conferences regarding the donated materials to share our accomplishments with the academia.