Business Digitization of National Studies Materials

Digitization of National Studies Materials

 Digitization of National Studies materials is a project which processes and accumulates the collected and organized National Studies materials in the Honam Region in a standardized format to create content on National Studies knowledge. We focus especially on various academic and content information embedded in old documents, anthologies, journals, epigraphs, Nujeong, etc., constructing its database, and utilizing it as the foundational materials of Honam Studies. This is to arrange a permanent preservation base that prevents any damage and loss from browsing the original materials and prepares against disasters such as fire. At the same time, having an image and original text database of the traditional and cultural heritage materials will provide a groundbreaking improvement in accessibility and the promotion of interest from the general public.

 Digitization of National Studies materials is divided into the Honam Korean Studies integrated database and book search from the open reference library. Honam Korean Studies integrated database constructs and provides detailed explanations, original text input, original text image, etc. on recorded cultural heritage of Honam, and services Korean translation and adding grammar marks to anthologies and journal materials. The open reference library services a bibliography of specialized publications on Honam Studies in our possession.

 Currently, the digitization of National Studies materials is constructed around recorded heritage; in the future, however, new topics such as construction, folklore, and oral tradition will be discovered and digitized for online services. Furthermore, content development of secondary processing of materials – that is, storytelling, webtoons, etc. – is also on the horizon.