Business Korean Translation and Compilation of Honam Documents

Korean Translation and Compilation of Honam Documents

 The purpose of translating and compiling Honam documents is to discover, inherit, preserve, and deliver the ideas and cultural capability of Honam stored in historical records, as well as the spirit of the ancient sages of Honam. Furthermore, we aim to provide a source of cultural and everyday-life-history materials included in the Honam documents to construct a Honam cultural resource that is directed towards the modernization of the classics.

 The major subjects can be classified into three types: journal materials, Honam documents, and anthologies of the ancient sages centered around Honam. First, the journal materials, which were scattered in the Honam region, were selected as a reference for in-depth research of Honam Studies. Second, the subjects of the Honam documents were selected centered around the schools representing the Honam region. Third, anthologies of the ancient sages were selected among the works of the ancient sages who were active in the Honam region that affected the ideas and culture of their time; translations and compilations regarding such are available.

 Major achievements include a complete translation of 『Seoam-Ilgi (journal)』, a journal material by Kim Yeongchan; currently, 『Seohaengrok』 by three generations of Song Jeongak and 『Jeonggang-Ilgi』 by Kim Juhyeon is in the translating process. The Honam document of 『Dapmunryupyeon』 by Ki Jeongjin, has been fully translated, while 『Huchangjip』 by Kim Taeksul is in the translating process. Also, 『Songamjip』 by Ki Jeongik, 『Hyeonjujip』 by Jo Chanhan, 『Nampojip』 by Kim Manyeong, 『Myeonpayugo』 by Park Jongsang, and 『Keumseongsamgo』 by Na Deokmyeong brothers have been completely translated, while 『Ilsinjaejip』 by Jeong Uirim is currently being translation for anthologies of ancient sages. Additionally, a 10-book series 『Pyojeomyeongin Modern Korean Anthologies』 have been published; explanation for 25 of major modern documents, including 『Onamjip (吾南集)』 by Kim Hanseob, have been completed; currently, explanation on 50 of documents, including 『Yongsanyugo』 by Lee Yongheon, is in process.

 Translation and compilation of Honam documents will improve the accessibility and utilization of Honam documents and provide a research foundation for the anthologies of ancient sages in the Honam region, as well as contribute to discovering and producing original forms of historical culture content through the modernization of the classics.